Thank you for your support of my recent interview with author & playwright Travis W. Inman. Record numbers of you read, liked and shared that post. Please support this author by purchasing Shadows if you are able.

In that interview, Travis and I discussed how a husband and wife can protect their marriage. Travis brought up a point that I would like to delve into. Here is what Travis said:

“Another great thing a wife can do is offering her husband respect. Any man who feels respected by his wife will be much less likely to fall prey to an affair.” – Travis W. Inman

Let’s take a look at how every wife can demonstrate respect for her husband.

> Put his needs before any other human being.
> Don’t try to make him into your girlfriend. Don’t force him to do things that he is uncomfortable with doing. You can ask him – but don’t force him or use guilt or manipulation. Don’t expect him to converse the way that you would with a girlfriend. Less is more. Don’t ask him for his opinion, if you can’t take the truth – “does this make me look fat?”
> Communicate to him through words, actions and attitude that you trust his decisions.
> Communicate to him through words, actions and attitude that you think he is capable.
> Allow him to be competitive. You know, like when he turns the car ride to church into the Indy 500.
> Don’t make him pay for the things that happened to you in your childhood.
> Celebrate with him when he is excited about something even if you don’t really get it.
> Thank him for his efforts even when things don’t go well.
> Don’t minimize or criticize his efforts when he helps with the kids or around the house.
> Let him know that he is your hero. Recently, I was forced to replace my beloved tablet. I had no clue on how to set up the new tablet but my husband did. I let him know how much that I appreciated him for knowing how to do this. He is my hero. After that, he jumped to help every time that I needed help.
>Be available to drop your work and spend time with him.
>Look him in the eye when he speaks to you.
>Show your imperfections by needing his help.
>Let him enjoy your body.
>Allow him the time to do things away from you and the kids without making him feel guilty.
>Accept him the way that he is right now – stop trying to change him.
>Tell him what you need or what he did that hurt you. Don’t make him guess.

So you see, showing that you respect your husband is simple but not easy. If this is an area that you struggle, I hope that you will put a few of these into action right away and add a few each week.

4 thoughts on “R-E-S-P-E-C-T

  1. Respect goes both ways. I never told him know. Didn’t work. Still hurts. Maybe that word goes in a family circle. Thank you.


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