The Simple Gestures That Make a Strong Marriage

Have you ever sat and watched an older couple that has that special something? There is a noticeable depth to their relationship. There is mutual respect and admiration. They enjoy each other and have fun. We sit back and watch and want what they have. We want it but are we willing to do the work? How do we get there in our marriage?

These longevity couples have practiced a few simple daily gestures. These gestures are so simple that every one of us can incorporate them into our marriage.

>They talk. They talk about important things, unimportant things and silly things. They just talk – a lot.
>They spend time together. They are not ships passing in the night. They make intentional time for each other. This doesn’t mean that they are never apart or don’t have some separate interests. It does mean that they are each other’s priority and that they make time to be together.
>The touch, hug and kiss. They hold hands. They look at each other.
>They lift each other up with encouragement. One is strong when the other is weak.
>They laugh together. They know how to be silly with each other. They don’t take themselves too seriously but they do take their relationship seriously.
>They dream together. They dream big dreams and little dreams. They dream practical dreams and dreamy dreams that seem impossible.
>They pray together regularly. If you can, even if it is over the telephone, pray together daily.
>They wake up each morning and make a decision to love their spouse that day.
>They each provide a safe zone to the other so that there can be open dialogue about feelings and struggles.
>They mutually serve each other in all ways.

So you see, it isn’t good luck or the right spouse. It is intentional effort. Each of these gestures is uncomplicated. We can all do these things starting right now.


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