His Famous Last Words

“Let’s just get up and have a relaxing morning.  We’ll be on the road by 9 a.m. or so.  That’ll get us there in plenty of time.”


Our family was taking a short trip over to Seattle for a little bit of fun together.  No real deadlines on this trip – no airline flights to catch.  It seemed like it was going to be a fun mini-vacation especially when my husband was so relaxed about not needing to get on the road at some insane hour like we usually do.  This was going to be great!  I would have my normal morning routine highlighted by my fantastic cup of coffee from my Jura Capresso espresso machine.  You know – the coffee with the delicious crema on top.  So sorry, I digress – this happens easily to me when I begin to think about my first cup of coffee.


Everything was going great.  Even with two teens, we were on our way at 9:05 a.m.  We ventured down the hill of our bumpy country road in our almost new sedan and out onto the highway we went.  It was raining heavily – not uncommon for late winter in this area of the country.  Suddenly our relaxing morning took a turn toward the competitive.  My husband sped up to get right behind the truck which was now blinding us with a torrential flow of residual rainwater.  We must get close to the truck because we must pass him.  Pass him we did – phew, that was exciting but we’re still alive.


Now, please understand that we live in the country and we have a two–lane highway and one traffic signal in our town.  A trip like this one presents a plethora of opportunities to a man.  We continued on down our two-lane highway and approached the interstate.  Now, there is a rule book:  Rule #1 – never and I repeat never be behind a semi-truck.  This meant that we could not be behind the semi-truck that was getting ready to enter the interstate.  This meant that we must pull up to the light and stomp on it to get in front of him.  That is what it meant and that is what happened.  The bonus was the awesome sound that came from our studded tires.


What is the point of this post?  I’ve been married for 33 years and we’ve had plenty of arguments in the car over his driving but not once did me getting angry or frustrated change anything except maybe the tension level inside of the vehicle.  Do I like it when he does things that I or the children might deem as chancy?  No, but his response of “I’m driving” says it all.  Alas, another opportunity to trust God.  This is one more area where a man is very different than a woman.  Can I accept him here as well as the other areas or do I try to impose my will on him and violate the principals of biblical femininity?

It was unanimous in the back seat.  “Mom, you have to write a blog post about this.”  I’m a pretty good mom, so that is exactly what I did.  My husband is a pretty good sport and he chuckled.


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