My Worship is So Ordinary

Tomorrow morning at church, I would like you to try something.  When the worship leader takes the stage and asks you to stand and worship the Lord, I want you to let out your loudest whine or growl if that is more like your style.  Then begin to mumble and complain under your breath “I’m so sick and tired of doing this” or better yet get the person standing next to you involved.  I know, this is completely outrageous but most of us do this every single day as we do life.  You see, we are to be standing up in worship of the Lord in everything that we do – even the ordinary.


The Bible is clear.  Colossians 3:17 whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus.  Colossians 3:23 whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.  Ephesians 6:7 serve with good as to the Lord and not to man.  Let’s us look at ways that we can worship our Lord during the moments of our ordinary day.


>A husband that daily goes to work sometimes in a difficult environment to provide for his wife and children.

>A spouse that chooses to be kind and overlooking when their spouse is difficult.

>A wife who without end, cooks, cleans and launders for her family.

>A mother who cares for the endless needs of the sick members of her family.

>A spouse who gives themselves and serves their spouse with a gratifying sex life.

>A child willingly serving in their family.

>Patiently listening to an aging parent who is experiencing the frustrations of getting older.

>Cheerfully welcoming the interruption that comes in the form of a friend or neighbor needing assistance.


Worship can be done in everything from washing the same frying pan for the third time today to serving your spouse with a fulfilling sex life.  Each breath that we take is a gift from God and everything in our life is an opportunity to worship the Lord.   When we have worshipping hearts, ordinary becomes extraordinary.


5 thoughts on “My Worship is So Ordinary

      1. That it is, but it’s a labour I gladly bear for the Lord. At the moment we’re in the process of building a church and Bible school, so we meet in a huge marquee tent at the moment. We meet an hour and a half before service – service starts at 9 AM – to set up mics, instruments, have a short time of sharing and praying. Then I lead the singers in vocal warm ups, then we do a mic/sound check and service starts. I LOVE it!

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