Femininity Defined

Most women, who are living today, have only known the teachings and attitudes of the women’s liberation movement.  Even those of us in the Church have been influenced more than we realize.  The words feminine and femininity makes us writhe and bristle as though the thought of living this way is deeply offensive.   Somehow, we believe that we are entitled to live differently than the way that we were designed to live.  Somehow, we believe that we know better than the Designer.   Somehow we believe that we or other women are victimized by living this way.   I write this blog because I believe that women will find true and lasting fulfillment when they begin living the way that the Creator designed them to be.


Femininity is not a foul word.  Femininity is what makes us different from men.  How does a feminine woman really look and behave?  Well, her appearance, movements, demeanor and behaviors are like that of a woman, not a man.  The following is a non-exhaustive list of feminine traits.


>She demonstrates respect, appreciation and admiration for the men in her life, especially her husband.

>She is charming and lovely.

>She is not dismissive or critical of others, especially her husband.

>She is available to her husband in ways that he needs her.

>She touches her husband in both casual and sexual ways.

>She allows all men to be men and respects their differences.

>She gives the men in her life time to decompress.

>She understands that he does not communicate in the same way that she does or as much as she does.

>She finds out how he wants to be served and does it.

>She understands her husbands need for sexual intimacy and makes that a priority.

>She enjoys that her husband is aroused by her and she allows him to touch and enjoy her.

>She appreciates her husband sexually and allows herself to enjoy this part of their life.

>She takes time to take care of herself so that her husband will be proud of her.

>She is soft, comforting, encouraging and agreeable.  She is relational.


The first step to living this way is recognizing the need to live biblically.  The second step is asking God to change your heart.   It is worth repeating that true fulfillment comes out of living the way that our Creator intended us to live.  If you find yourself repelled by this post, would you at least consider it with an open heart and mind before you cast it aside?


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