No Time for Coffee

That horrible feeling when you are running late getting out the door.  Can there ever be a good reason?  Yes – it is called the freshly showered, not even dressed yet, spontaneously instantaneous wham bam thank you mam.  Sorry, I couldn’t resist using the old wham bam …..


There’s nothing quite like it.  Sure, there is a time, most of the time in fact, for long luxurious love-making but there is nothing quite as fun as the quickie.  You do like to have fun with your spouse, right?  Surprise them the next chance that you get.  I guess I’m really talking to wives now since most men would have absolutely no reason to not drop everything – no pants pun intended.  Men have no hang-ups.  The sun is shining – fine.  I haven’t had time for breakfast – fine.  The kids might wake up – who cares.  The quickie makes perfect sense to any man.  My teeth are brushed and I’ve showered and so has she – let’s go.  You don’t even need to waste time getting undressed – bonus!


Why do husbands enjoy this so much?  I think it’s a combination of things.  It’s like a good action flick.  It’s a spontaneous and surprising instantaneous thrill.  It’s a fast paced roll in the hay – a sort of deposit into your future stress relieving activity bank.  There is only one goal to achieve with the quickie – instant gratification so to speak.  Both of you are satisfied and he doesn’t have to worry about cuddling or offending you by rolling over and going to sleep because you both have things to do.  For a husband – it is a win, win, win.


So, this is one form of instant gratification that good ‘ole Madeline is advocating.  You’ll both be thinking about it for the rest of the day.  When you’re asked what you’re smiling about, a simple “Just having a great day – that’s all” will suffice.


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