What Can We Be?

Women are powerful creatures.  We can be the wind beneath the wings of another woman or the most brutal destroyer.  What kind of woman are you and what kind of woman do you want to be?


Many years ago, probably close to twenty, I read a tiny little book that packed a huge punch entitled Balcony People by Joyce Landorf  Heatherley.  The main idea is that we have balcony people (people who encourage others) and we have basement people (people who tear others down).  Like all good books should – this book really caused me to look at myself and consider which person did I most resemble and was that acceptable to my Lord?  I am not claiming to have arrived at balcony status but I am striving to live this way.  I regularly catch myself in the basement and I really don’t like her so I repent and climb back up those stairs.


So, which woman are you?  It is important to note that if you are a balcony person to someone’s face but basement person behind their back, you have a heart issue that you must deal with.  Think about it – how do you talk about others when you are with your husband or other people that are in your close circle?  Do you enjoy finding the chinks in the armor of another woman or are you able to see her good and emphasize it to yourself and others?  Are you compassionate toward that woman’s flaws and weaknesses or do you pick at her?  Do you pray for other women with pure motives?  Actually, these are three key areas that can bring about big changes in your heart.  Look for her good points, have compassion toward her flaws or weaknesses and pray for her – it is that simple.


There is another area that is essential in the development of a cheerleader attitude and heart of compassion toward other women.  When you spend time with women, you must spend the majority of your time with balcony types.  Seek out women who encourage others and love biblically.  Beware of the women that huddle up in the basement.  You must be fueled up with quality fuel by the women who lift you and others up.  You will want to strive to mimic their attitudes toward other women and pray earnestly for yourself that God will give you victory in this area.


If you have been the victim of a basement woman, please remember that her attitudes and words are a reflection of her heart and they really have nothing to do with you.  Most people that struggle with a poor self-image tend to tear others down to build themselves up.  Pray for her.  She needs to be delivered from the prison that she is living in.


Being a woman is a difficult assignment and every woman is in need of encouragement in some area of her life – even that woman that appears to have it all together.  Go out and be her biggest fan – be a cheerleader for other women.

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