Not Only One Day to Remember

Many Americans are off from work today.  Their employer might have even let them off of work early on Friday to start the holiday weekend.  The stores post their ads with items tailored for the day – chips, burgers and watermelon.  The shoppers jam the stores all weekend purchasing all of the needed items for their fun time on Monday – a barbecue with friends and family.


Is it a fun holiday for those who have paid the highest price to preserve our freedoms?  What about for their loved ones who wake up every day and grieve and miss the one that they lost?  Many parents, spouses and children who have lost a loved one while serving in our military feel that they and their loved one have been forgotten.


This post is not meant to heap guilt onto you.  They died for the freedom that you have to enjoy all of the things that are available in our wonderful, capitalistic society.  So enjoy but please be mindful to honor their memory and acknowledge the loss that their loved ones are experiencing.


Remember them on this Memorial Day, and every day, by honoring them and the sacrifices that have been made.


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