Do You Own the Device or Does that Device Own You?

I’ll admit it – I fought the electronic device, social media thing for a long time.  I finally gave in a couple of years ago and I have to say that I find that it can be a lot of fun.  It connects you to people that you wouldn’t be able to connect with outside of social media.  The problem is, it can disconnect you from the people who are actually present in your life.


Do you find yourself glued to it or constantly checking for notifications?  Do you ever ignore people that are in the room or at the table with you while you look at your device?  Do you find that you have lost hours in your day and can’t understand why you are no longer getting as much done as you used to?  It happens to all of us.  I periodically fast from social media and have found it to be even more challenging than a food fast.  I’m in a love affair with my Samsung 6.  My entire “life” can be held in my back pocket and controlled with one fingertip but …


Devices and social media relationships will never fill your life with quality in the same way that a real and present breathing person can.  That person sitting with you and the conversation between the two of you, builds you up and makes you a better and more interesting human being.  That person has taken time to be with you and may feel hurt when your eyes leave them while you check the screen.  That real person may never tell you that it makes them feel unimportant when you pick up your device every time you hear a buzz, click or bell and check for notifications.  I’m not preaching that you should never do social media when another person is present but discuss it with them and understand and be respectful of their expectations of your time together.  In our household, we have times where we put the devices down and give all of our attention to each other and we have other times where we sit in the same room and scroll even sharing the humor or information that we come across on the screen.


I challenge myself and I am challenging you to leave your device in your purse or pocket or face down on the table on silent mode.  Be fully with the person who takes the time out of their life to be fully with you.

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