Celebration, Courage & Sacrifice

Recently, my family was privileged to visit Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  As we stood in the Assembly Room, I imagined a time, many years ago, where dignified men paced, sat and slept, while the details of The Declaration of Independence were hashed out.  Meanwhile, in other parts of the land, brave men fought and died.  Together they were in a partnership to birth a new nation.  A great nation.


July 4th is a festive day, and we are so blessed to live in a nation where we have the freedom and resources to celebrate with grand fireworks displays and delicious food and drink.  Some of us even get a day off from work to spend precious time with our loved ones and friends.  On this day, celebrate and be joyous, but also be sure to remember with a thankful heart.  Remember those who have left the safety, comforts and love of their home to fight.  Remember those that never returned.  Remember those that have cried tears for their loved one.  Remember those that cry today.  Remember those who are at work today because they are protecting our freedoms, guarding our borders and patrolling our streets.  And please remember their families – they too sacrifice every single day for you.


My family would like to wish you and yours a joy filled Independence Day as we remember those that have shown great courage through-out the history of this great nation.  God bless the United States of America.


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