Will I Ever Be Happy Again?

Crushing suffocating weight.  The loneliness of feeling that no other human understands your pain.  The confusion that paralyzes you into staring at a wall.  The heaviness that stops you from accomplishing.  The wrenching tears that come from a place so deep within you, that you didn’t even know that it existed.  Will you ever feel good again?  Will you ever enjoy life?  Will you ever love like that again or be loved like that again?  Will you be able to trust again?


Grief – it comes as we live life and it comes in many forms and from many causes.  Death of a loved one, loss of a relationship or friend, loss of a faithful pet, loss of a career or job, betrayal.  What one person grieves over, another person may not be able to understand or relate to.  Working through grief can take longer for some.  One aspect of grief that is common to most, is the question “will this pain ever go away”?


Now, look at the photo that I have used for this post.  Would you have guessed that the young woman in this picture, had experienced a great loss just weeks earlier?  That young woman was me.  Many of you have read my bio or my Father’s Day post and you know that when I was 17, my father committed suicide.  I’m sure that you can imagine the pain that a child experiences, when their parent chooses to not be with them, and instead takes their own life.  It has left a scar and even at my age, that scar reminds me of what I have been through.  Why do I bring this up again?  Simple.  Recently I was looking through an old photo album, when I came across this shot, I realized that it was taken soon after my dad died.   It is an image of a carefree youth – not a young woman who was crushed by grief.  When I looked at her, I was encouraged and I wanted to encourage you too.  She was able to feel joy again, even if it was just during that weekend trip to the beach with two girlfriends, and eventually the pain no longer owned me.  I know that many of you are going through a painful time in your life, and as they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so I hope that this old grainy photo gives you hope.


The sun may not shine for you tomorrow but it will shine again.  First, you will notice little rays of light coming through and then one day, it will shine brightly.  Let yourself grieve and work through the process of feeling pain, and look forward to the day that God will bring beauty out of the ashes of your grief.


My hope is that you will experience the true and lasting source of hope and joy that comes only through God, who loves you and desires to be in a relationship with you.  He has amazing love for you and He is trustworthy.  Romans 5:8 says that God demonstrated His amazing love for you because while you were still a sinner, He sent His precious Son to die for you.  Will you accept His amazing love gift, and trust that Jesus’ payment for sins, was for you too?


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