She’s Back!

I’ve been writing creatively for one year.  Happy Birthday to Madeline!  If you’ve been reading, you have probably noticed that I have been in a grieving mode for many months.  The last 9 months have been full of disappointments, challenges and pain, which has flooded into my life from several sources and circumstances, but through this, there has been great growth.  God is faithful and although sometimes I struggled with doubt that He was with me, He never left me – never.


I’m happy to announce that I can see the sun shining through now.   I fully expect that you will again see the ornery, sarcastic and humorous side of my writing.  You might even see an appearance from Madeline – the crystal ball reading gypsy.  She was fun.


I want to express a heart-felt thank you to those of you that have been reading and liking and special gratitude to those that have shared their thoughts with me.  Your words have encouraged me and lifted me up.  Thank you to all of you, for helping to make this past year, a very memorable one.


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