Playing Games

It’s fast paced and exciting.  If you’ve ever played ice-hockey, you know that it is one of the most physically demanding sports that exists, with the gear weighing between 20 and 50 pounds, depending on the position played.  Many who have played and or spectate believe that it is the game above all other games.  If you have been reading Madeline Eatenton for long, you know that I declare the benefits of a wife playing a certain type of game with her husband.  The game of giving her husband an exciting s-e-x life.  I realize that I sort of lured you in by talking about hockey but Madeline is talking about sex today.   It won’t be too awkward, so I hope that you will hang in there with me.


So, how about proposing a hat trick?  If you’re not familiar with the term, in ice-hockey a hat trick is the scoring of three goals by the same player during one game.  Even if he isn’t a huge fan of ice hockey, he’ll be a huge supporter of the hat trick.  Challenge him to a sexual hat trick – sex three days in a row.  Here’s another idea – during a getaway together, issue a new challenge – hat trick within 24 hours.  This will be a lot of fun.  Having a goal together will be fun.  It forces a couple to focus on their goal and make the challenge their priority.  It’s your little secret and talking code to each other around the house, can feel a little naughty.  The initial attempt at a hat trick might fail due to occurrences outside of your control.  That’s alright.  Just hit the restart button.  More fun to be had.


Why is frequent sex with your spouse so important?   You’re both tired.  Life is full of tasks that must be completed and attending to children is vitally important.  At least you’re having some sex, right?  Let’s look at the benefits of frequent sex.


>It allows a couple to focus on each other without distractions.

>It gives a couple a common goal or “project” to team up on that is couple focused, not child or household focused.

>It is the glue that bonds a couple together.

>It feels good and if not, work together to find out how you can both achieve pleasure.

>It creates a chemical reaction in the brain that leaves you wanting more of the same.  Infrequent sex actually reduces a woman’s desire.  So use it or lose it.

>Frequency encourages variety.

>It protects your marriage from affairs.


Essentially, frequent sex unlocks the door of separation that can exist in a marriage.  That door is now wide open and every aspect of the marital relationship improves.  Most couples cannot sustain hat trick frequency for long.  My point is – make frequent sex a priority and throw in a few hat tricks every now and then.  Pursue him sexually.  Women are not the only ones that need to feel attractive and when you pursue him, he feels desired.  Start thinking of sex as a fun activity that you can do with your spouse.  Enjoy each other.

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