Testosterone Induced Genius

I’m 53 years old and I’m wondering something.  Why did it take me so long to understand and appreciate them?  I could have been enjoying them all along – all of these years, starting with the little boys that terrorized me on the playground and fast forward to today, my husband and my teenage son and others that I call friend.  This is my tribute to you – all of the men in my life and all of the men that read Madeline Eatenton.


I do truly wish that I had learned to appreciate all of you earlier.  Instead of bewildered judgement, I could have put on my childlike innocence and enjoyed the wonderful masculine creatures, that God has put into my life.   I would have had many more years to be entertained by your weird, lovable, adorably goofy testosterone induced genius.  This description is a high compliment.  Men, you make us laugh so hard that we can’t catch a breath.  You make us feel safe, protected and cherished.  You make us feel beautiful inside and outside, when you look at us and your eyes twinkle a little bit.  I want to say a heartfelt thank you, because even though I don’t always understand you, you make my life fuller.  You make it more complete and definitely a lot more lighthearted and fun.


Segments of our society seem to have an agenda – portray men as a lower form of the human race.  You see this attitude everywhere, from advertisements to television and movies and beyond.  The general theme – men cannot survive in life without a woman to tell them when and how.  I suppose that this is an extension of the women’s liberation movement, where men were blamed for all of the woes of women.  He does need a woman but she needs him too.  Each are equally valuable and each necessary to complete a beautiful puzzle.  I cannot even imagine a world without strong alpha males.  I shudder at the thought.  From platonic friendship to romantic love, men are attracted to feminine women and women are attracted to strong masculine men.


I have been blessed to know many strong masculine men.  Some of you prefer to not delve too deeply and enjoy a good laugh at hokey humor.  Some of you are deeply sensitive, desiring to help other human beings.  Some of you are intellectual and relish diving deeply into discussions of philosophy and theology.  Some of you focus mostly on Monday night football.  Some of you are a little bit of everything.  I vow to enjoy every bit – never to roll my eyes and I’ll try my best to not talk during the game, but instead yell and scream right along with you.  The next time that I feel myself getting too stressed and serious, I’ll observe the men in my life and get my goofy on.


Again, a heartfelt thank you to men, especially those of you that sacrifice and provide, cherish and protect.  The women in your life are blessed to have you.


Bubble, Perk and Joy

Her personality tends to be a bit bubbly and she smiles a lot too.  When she was a little girl, her Dad nicknamed her “Smiley”.  Her life is not perfect and she doesn’t always feel joyful.  She has just as many heartaches, struggles and challenges as the next woman, but she was created with a perky personality.  She can usually find the humor in most situations and sometimes laugh through her tears.  She has spent years feeling self-conscience about this trait but is finally arriving at a place where she accepts this – it is who she is.  Finally, she can even see some positive aspects to her personality.  Who is this woman?  She is Bubbly.


It’s embarrassing to admit but the woman that I describe is me and over the years, I have annoyed too many women with my bubble, perk and joy.  These other women were created with a personality that is more subdued.  I’ll call them my somber sisters and I love them dearly.  Since you may be wondering, I will explain what I view as a bubbly sister and a somber sister.  Picture this – a bouncy, energetic, friendly puppy that just wants to play – she could be friends with anyone – this is Bubbly.  Now picture the feline perched high – her demeanor is reserved, she apprehensively studies the puppy, she could take the puppy or leave the puppy – this is Somber.  Over the years, many women have come in and out of my life and some of them have left me with the burning question, “why doesn’t she like me?” During my life, I have experienced somber sisters communicating a look that clearly said “get away gnat … you bother me!”  or how about three women standing in a circle – one somber, one neutral and one bubbly.  Bubbly starts to speak and Somber turns her body away as if she is communicating “Bubbly, you don’t exist”.  For the men that are reading this post – I am not kidding you –  this stuff really happens between women.  As my husband says “I am so glad that I’m not a woman”.


Somber and Bubbly, I want to emphasize that we are sisters.  Let’s not forget Neutral – I bet that Somber and Bubbly can cause Neutral some stress.  Women of all personalities, shapes and sizes are sisters.  As sisters, we understand each other and relate in ways that only sisters can.  Somber sister, do you despise your bubbly sister simply because of her perky personality? When you look at her like “that”, exclude her, ignore her – she notices and it hurts her deeply.  Just like I did, she may begin to believe that her personality is the problem.  She may begin to despise her own personality and retreat to safety, no longer sharing her joy with others.


Fellow bubbly sister, you and I must learn to temper our sparkle and perk just a little, at least until you know that it is safe to come out and play.  Most importantly, remember that when a Somber doesn’t seem to like you, it is not about you.  She is probably unable to understand you or relate to you.  Do your best to not take it personally.  You will learn to recognize the men and women that will appreciate you for who you are – that Bubbly that naturally exudes a little sparkle and joy.