Santa’s Little Helper

Good news ladies!  The best Christmas present that you can give to your husband, is absolutely free.


He probably doesn’t want another tie and he most likely doesn’t need another tool or electronic device, but there is one thing that he can never get enough of – sexual enticement from his wife, leading to mind blowing sex with her.  No matter how long you’ve been married, you can climb onto his lap, look him in the eye as you confidently unbuckle his belt, and let him know that there is only one thing on your mind.  If it’s physically impossible for you to do this, I’m sure that you can use your feminine imagination and come up with something just as fun.


Here are some ideas for the perfect gift from Santa’s Little Helper:


>Look him in the eyes and say something a little naughty.

>Let him undress you.

>When the kids are out of sight and he’s sitting down relaxing, climb onto his lap and make out.

>Let him enjoy the view as you walk up the stairs in front of him.

>When you’re sitting next to him or even across the room, make sure that he can catch a glimpse of something – your shapely leg, pretty feet in sexy shoes or a little lace.

>Pay attention and take note of what seems to turn him on.   It might be as simple as letting him watch you lick honey off of a spoon.  Have fun teasing him a little with it.


Enticement with the promise of the real thing is like energizing juice and within the confines and commitment of marriage, it is a beautiful blessing.  Wouldn’t you love to hear “wow, sex just keeps getting better and better with you”?


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