We Just Have to Look

Lot’s wife ignored the warning and looked back, and she became of pillar of salt.  God’s love letter is full of warnings, but do we believe that it is motivated by the deepest love and concern in existence, or do we view God’s word more like the words of an angry parent shaking their finger?


Yesterday, I was privileged to share an entire hour praying with my beloved sister in Christ, Shazam.  This isn’t her real name – it is my term of endearment for her, because she fits the definition – (an introduction of an extraordinary deed, story, or transformation) – she’s shazam! in my book.  She is raising littles and I am raising teens.  There is a vast difference in age – she in her early 30’s, me in my mid 50’s, but I was amazed by our similarities as she shared her mother’s heart with our Lord.  She expressed her deep concern that her little girls would be wise and heed the warnings, to not look up at the solar eclipse.  She thought it silly to pray about this, but my heart was ministered to – I had been experiencing these same concerns for days.  You see, I am raising young adults.  Both are away from my presence most of the time now.  This hen no longer gathers her chicks.  They are out in the world adulting, and I am very aware that I can no longer protect them from everything.  God is teaching me to let go.  God is teaching me to trust in the One, who loves my children even more than I do.


When Shazam finished praying, I prayed too.  As I handed my children to their King, I realized the spiritual implications that are at play.  Why do humans always want to look, even though we’ve been warned to look away?  It made me realize that we are all mischievous or rebellious children, ignoring a loving parental warning.  I’ll just do it – invincible I am.  I can play with a little fire – I won’t get burned.  Sin is exciting for a season, but there is a consequence to pay.  Looking at the eclipse for a moment is exciting, but there will be a consequence to pay, and like sin, sometimes the consequence will last a lifetime.


God doesn’t warn us to take the fun out of life.  He warns us, so that we can live a full, abundant life.  Life with less heartache.  Life without the aftermath of the consequence of looking at, or touching the fire of sin.  He is the perfectly loving Parent, who wants the most incredible good for us.  I will commit this day, to being an obedient child, and wait for the good that He has planned for me.


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